Smithtown SEPTA


Special Education Parent Teacher Association


We are a district wide Special Education PTA whose primary function is to offer information, resources and support to parents, students, educators, and those who are interested in supporting quality education for children with special needs.

If your child receives speech, counseling, resource room, reading, occupational therapy, physical therapy or if your child is in a special education class, inclusion class or an out of district placement, you could benefit from being a member of SEPTA.

You do not have to be a member to participate in SEPTA activities but you do have to be a member to vote. You also do not have to have a special needs child to be involved.  Everyone is welcome!

Join Smithtown SEPTA online:

If you have been a Smithtown SEPTA member in the past please follow these directions:
* Go to
* Create an account by entering your email
* Receive a confirmation code via email
* Sign in with your code
* Complete your profile
* Go to

   welcome page
* Go to bar at the top of page and click “shop”
* Select your membership type to join
* Memberhub charges a small service fee for online


If you have not used your email with past SEPTA memberships, or if this is your first time Joining Smithtown SEPTA, you will need to go to  and wait until your request is confirmed (usually no longer than 24 hours) before you can follow steps for an online membership online. This will only need to be done one time.

Thank you for your support.

Please download and print the form below and bring it with payment to our next SEPTA meeting, or send it to school in your child's backpack.